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      The Bibliometrical Study on Meridians and Acupoints in Catgut Embedding Therapy for Functional Constipation

      ZHANG Chong;FU Yue-xin;DAI Xiao-qin;WAN jun;Sichuan Academy of Medical Sciences,Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital;Sichuan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Care Hospital;  
      Objective:To analyze the selection of meridians and acupoints in catgut embedding therapy for functional constipation by evidence-based medicine methods,in order to provide reference regimens for clinical practice.Methods:Searched the literatures which ended March 2016 with computer and screened them according to the Cochrane systematic evaluation for literature quality,the appearance of acupoints was described by frequency and rate,and SPSS 22.0 was used in statistical analyzing.Results:There were totally 73 articles met the inclusion criteria;there were 34 acupoints appeared in screening statistics of 14 meridians(the top 11 points were Tianshu,Dachangshu,Zusanli,Shangjuxu,Qihai,Guanyuan,Daheng,Zhongwan,Zhigou,Shenshu,Zhongji),which belong to 8 channels(urinary bladder channelstomach channelconception vesselspleen channellarge intestine channeltri-jiao channel,liver channel,governor vessel);there were 23 acupoints appeared in screening statistics of meridians and acupoints selection by syndrome differentiation(the top 11 points were Quchi,Qihai,Geshu,Yanglingquan,Zhigou,Shangjuxu,Pishu,Weishu,Shenshu,Guanyuan,Zhongwan),which belong to 10 channels(large intestine channelconception vesselurinary bladder channelliver channelgallbladder channelstomach channelspleen channeltri-jiao channelkidney channel),the syndrome differentiation methods were mostly excess and deficiency syndrome differentiation and eight principal syndrome differentiation,asthenia syndrome often used Pishu and Qihai,sthenia syndrome used Shangjuxu and Zhigou;heat syndrome used Hegu and Quchi,cold syndrome used Pishu,Weishu,Shenshu and Guanyuan;qi stagnation used Yanglingquan,Xingjian,Zhongwan,Zhigou and Taichong,qi asthenia used Pishu,Qihai,Zusanli and Shenque,blood asthenia used Xuehai and Geshu;yin deficiency used Taixi,yang deficiency used Qihai and Guanyuan.Conclusion:The acupoints of back-shu points,front-mu points and lower confluent points are usually chosen in catgut embedding therapy for functional constipation;urinary bladder channel of foot taiyang,stomach channel of foot yangming,conception vessel and spleen channel of foot taiyin are usually used;channels in acupoints selection with syndrome differentiation are mostly points on large intestine channel and conception vessel,and followed by back-shu points on urinary bladder channel,liver and gallbladder channel,spleen and stomach channel.
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